DO565 - FREDDIE - South West

DO565 - FREDDIE - South West

REF: DO565

Freddie is a 2 year old, white, deaf male, he has now moved to foster care in the GL postcode area of the South West

FOSTER REPORT: 13-3-17: Freddie has settled in here really well. He was used to a catflap to go for a wee. He is very clean in the home now, and now understand the routine of this house. He can forget himself, very rarely now, and wee on his bed. Freddie is very smart and has learnt new sign language.  He loves toys, and likes to play. We have had nice weathr here, and enjoyed his time in the garden. He hasnt been lunging for the other dogs through though the baby gate. So i let him out with the other to dogs today, and he was a very good boy, and played really nicely without incident. He has such a lovely character. If you ask him to do something and he doesnt want to do it, he goes down on the front end, and circles the whole house a great speed, so funny to watch. When he his finished his dinner, sometimes he will pick his bowl up, and hold it in his mouth, he is so funny. He just loves human company, and demands many strokes. He also loves his rest time  so will spend much time sleeping. His snores are endearing.    

FOSTER REPORT: 6-2-17: Freddie i an almost 3 year old castrated male. He is deaf , and is showing anxiety separation . when you walk out of the room. He display this by barking or moaning for a little bit (only about 2 mins, or until you return . which has  greatly improved, Once settled I a sure this will stop. If you leave him to go to bed or nip out he is fine. He loves human company, so needs a home where someone is home most of the day. He craves much attention, he just loves to be fussed and stroked. He also loves a filled Kong and nylon chews, he tries to take them when going out, as he loves them so much .  He is laid back fo a 3 year old, and loves his sleep. The old owner says if he was left long hours, he could chew, so another reason, he needs someone home most of the day. He walks nicely on a lead  He is easy to care for, and will have his creases done etc. Like most of the Bullies enjoys a butt rub. He knows two sign languages, but he is very smart, and would pick up new ones easily, He has even got our routine  of the house.  He is going to make a smashing addition, to his new family.

VOLUNTEER COMMENT: Freddie is very friendly and very boisterous.  Loves attention and being around people - not advisable to leave him on his own for any length of time as he gets bored and cries and chews.  Freddie is deaf but knows some hand signals.  He needs lots of walks and is good on a lead.  He is currently with his mum and another small dog and gets on very well with both but owner advises she keeps him away from other dogs although she says he has never shown aggression but likes to play and she is worried they won't understand his intention.  He has slight redness under his chin but owner says there are no medical issues and he sees a vet regularly.  When he is asleep, you need to touch him first to wake him up before trying to move him as he can be startled.  Has never been around children of any age - owners children are early 20s - but possibly too boisterous for young children, though not aggressive.  Jumped up when we first went in but calmed down quickly and just wanted strokes.

OWNER COMMENT: My husband left 18 months ago. I have ms and am confined to a wheelchair. My kids are now 20 and 18 and have jobs and are therefore not around as much. My bulldog is deaf and needs more attention than I can give him.



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