DO590 - SIMBA - Scotland

DO590 - SIMBA - Scotland


Simba is a 3 year old red and white male, currently in the KA postcode area of Scotland. He needs a home prepared to work with his housetraining issues.

4-5-17: Simba is a darling old man, loves a walk... at his own pace, loves his toys, cuddles, company and don't forget his treats.  Dodger would love to be part of a quiet family and he would give them so much love in return.

25-4-17: Simba is the most loving, adorable boy.  He can't get enough cuddles and will play with his kong for hours.  He is doing well with his toilet training but still has an'accident'. Never have I met such a cuddly bully.

5-4-17: Simba is the most cuddly boy ever, he loves to be with you, and his favourite toy is his kong which he will happily play with for hours. He loves his food, treats and walks but he will need his new family to go back to basics with his toilet training.

VOLUNTEER NOTES: Fit, boisterous and the most cuddly bulldog I've ever met, he will never get enough kisses and cuddles, he loves out for walks and is happy to meet other dogs (on the lead) but doesn't want to live with another dog.  Although he sometimes barks to get out for toilet, a new family will need to start his toilet training from the beginning.  

VOLUNTEER NOTE: Simba is very fit 2year old red and white castrated dog. He is very friendly and boisterous, will jump up and lick you for ever, likes the settee and is full of life which is what you would expect from a three year old, Enjoys long walks and is fine on the lead If anything he is slightly under weight due to his long walks The issue for his rehoming is he will wee and poo in the house although when I was there he barked to go outside through the patio doors and he did a wee outside so he has had some training. He
sleeps under the stairs which has an open stair case on which has a child gate across the front. He lives with an older dog which he oines by nipping his feet although
generally they get on well. His owners are not keen for him to go where there are already dogs

OWNER NOTE: Simba has regressed back to puppy ways and has started to poo and wee in house and even his own bed constantly even though he goes out twice a day for long walks



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