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It was decided by the boss people that I could stay here forever. Subsequently they have given me the very important job of taking over the Blog.

My name is Faith and I live here. I came into rescue as an 8 week old pup and started out in a foster home but it soon became apparent that I didn't like other dogs so had to move up to the kennels. I've been here ever since. I came into BDR care around the same time as a flurry of other Spina Bifida cases - they all got adopted but no one wanted me.

My Spina Bifida means I am doubly incontinent and it's felt now that because I've been here for so long it wouldn't be fair to put me in a house now. I love sunbathing, watching the world go by, going for a walk and food. I don't like other dogs, cats or chickens.

Thank you for taking the time to check me out xxx

APRIL 2024

So, it's now my job to let you all know what's going on here at BDHQ, here's my first entry for April. We said goodbye to Nellie the other week when she went off to her new home. I wished her luck but she just stuck her nose in the air - silly fat dog. Apparently she is doing really really well though so it's nice that she's having a good new life.

Rocco and Rolo both have a new family lined up too, although they won't be moving until the end of June, I am really excited for those 2, they really deserve their new start.

There's been a little bit of Sunshine too which is marvelous, I do love laying in the sunshine (yes I've heard the one about the dead badger - we try not to talk about that). Fingers crossed there'll be some really exciting news on my next entry - I need my nails doing - typing on this keyboard has been a bit difficult - I'll book myself into the Bulldog Bath house before my next blog entry in May xxx

JUNE 2024

It's been a crazy few weeks, we've seen both Rocco and Prince Buster go to new homes so there's just me, Gurty and Rolo here now. It won't last - our maid says to make the most of the peace and quiet (although to be fair Gurty makes most of the noise).

Prince Buster and Rocco have gone to fantastic homes and have settled in really well, the maid says there's interest in Gurty so we really will have some peace and quiet then!

We also got a new part time maid! Karen is coming in for 2 days a week to help Cheif Maid out, she thinks the job is easy - you wait till those 2 kennels get filled up again ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Lots of love

Faith xxx


22nd March 2024

Someone request sun? Well we got some - 2 whole days of wonderful Spring sunshine sent just for us (so the slave lady says anyway)

We've had lots of exciting news this week, Nellie has a visitor tomorrow and you'll never guess what - Rocco and Rolo might have a home too!!!!

But before we go we do have to tell you a funny story - our Gurty has a habit of trying to get under her bed - she was so persistant she ended up with the bed on it's side but with it right over her little pophole door! She was stuck - we laughed and laughed and laughed - but the slave lady said we were being cruel xxx

Laters xxx

15 March 2024

Sorry we didn't update you last week. Our Slave was at Crufts and we rely on her to type our blog as our paws don't quite work on the keyboard. We've continued to dodge the rain showers and we've decided that the rain is going to last forever forever and that we will never again lay out in the sunshine warming our bellys :(

We did get a new fence though down the side of our kennels, that was fun to watch - especially where the brambles are ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

23rd February 2024

We actually write this whilst sitting in the lovely sunshine, but memories of cold, windy and very very wet weather are still very fresh in our minds! But what we really want to know is - when it's pouring with rain - why oh why oh why does the slave lady still hose down?

16th February 2024

Happy (belated) Valentines you lovely people. We hope you had a lovely day and didn't eat too many pancakes on Tuesday. We are all doing well, even got a little bit of sunbathing in earlier in the week. Made a lovely change from getting wet. None of us yet have an offer of a new home but we dream every night of being curled up on someone's sofa. Fingers crossed by next Valentines xxxx

9th FEBRUARY 2024

So we are at the end of another week, I hope everyone is safe in this very unpreticable and stormy weather. We had a very strange thing happen here this week. A lady arrived with a black box on a stick and her, the slave lady and 2 other ladies that were dressed the same as slave lady were talking to it and the strange lady. She said things like "Hi Guys - I'm here at Bulldog Rescue ....". She didn't look like a bulldog - she was very pretty - but there were 3 strange dogs with the 2 other ladies, apparently they are called "Fosters" - a daft name for them all to have don't you think? How do they know who is who if they all have the same name?

Apparently, it's going to be a short film for the interweb so when we are famous we will let you know.

Have a fabulous weekend xxx Laters !

2nd FEBRUARY 2024

A bit of a quiet week to be honest after all the excitement we've had with the big clear out. Things have settled down and we're back to our usual routine. Slave lady says that at BDHQ "Every Dog Has It's Day" as apparently we all have a day where she spends more time with one of us. We don't mind when the weather is nice, so keep your fingers crossed we don't get any more storms blow through in the near future cos they are really scary!

26 JANUARY 2024

What another exciting week we've had here at BDHQ. The slave lady brought her friend back who has totally cleared all the rest of the rubbish and we have so much more space now! She's hosed the place to within an inch of it's life and it's looking great. She'd better keep this up, we can't have a slacking slave can we!

19 January 2024

Oh My Goodness! Cold is an understatement. The slave lady keeps trying to get us to go out do excersise - but seriously! Why would we even want to do that when our beds are so very warm and cosy. She's been keeping warm as they've been having a right old clear out. The visiting man apparently has done 6 tip loads of stuff to clear everything - the slave lady joked it was 20 years of crap - maybe it wasn't a joke? But anyway anything that wasn't nailed down as gone AND she's gone and got herself a brand new washing machine - she said the lovely Crowd Funding people did it, but we saw the visiting man come in and move it - maybe his name is Crowdfunding? We thought it was Daryl LOL


We had a wonderful Christmas but we really wish it would stop raining. The Slave Lady said it's too wet - I'll tell you summink - it's not under this heat lamp! - it's not wet at all, it's lovely and cosey.

22 December 2023 - MERRY CHRISTMAS

The slave lady tells us she's taking it easy for the next few days but promises us there's Christmas dinner in it for us if we are happy to spend a few relaxing days too. To be fair that sounds like a pretty decent deal. So we would like to wish all our sponsors and buddy's a fabulous Christmas and New Year and we will update you in January as to how amazing our Christmas was.


Rocco, Rolo, Nelly, Prince Buster, Gerty and Faith xxxxx

15th December 2023

We've all be a little bit poorly. Our lady slave isn't sure why but we all took it in turns to get the squits - not nice because it gave us all belly ache and our lady slave said the mess was very smelly!!! We all feel better now though and we are really looking forward to Christmas, she says she has a suprise for us in the New Year - something called a Kennel Buddy Scheme - how exciting!

8th December 2023

So now it's raining again! We can't decide if we like cold days under the heat lamps or rainy days under the heat lamps. We love the heatlamps but we don't get much time to play. A dog walker came today and took us all out for a nice ramble through the woods between showers and Faith had to have yet another bath! But I guess it's not all bad

1st December 2023

Good morning on this very frosty cold morning. It's lovely and peaceful here today because no one wants to go out in the frost! We are all snuggled in our nice warm beds and not even Rocco and Rolo wanted to stay out for long and they love being outside. The slave lady muttered something to herself about doing paperwork but said she's coming back later to make us get some excersise. Fingers crossed by the time she's back the sun will be shining, or even better she forgets LOL.

24 November 2023

Do you think it's stopped raining? I think it's stopped raining - I hope it's stopped raining. It's horrible when it's raining - but it's been a week of lovely long hot baths. Faith and Rolo have to be bathed at least twice a week but the rest of us have all had a pamper too which was very nice indeed. We had some lovely visitors too at the weekend. Apparently it was the AGM (do you think that stands for Animals Get Muddy? Ohh how much fun that would be!) but it looked very official because they were all looking around and ticking stuff off on a clip board. Apparently it was the annual Trustee inspection and word on the street says we passed muster!

13 November 2023

Fireworks are still going off, do you know what we are almost used to the blasted things now. Not even Rocco and Rolo react to the noise any more. The weather though is just awful, it's just storm after storm after storm. Really hinders our fun you know! and our lady slave said she's fed up with having to bath Faith because she lays in the water like she's a hippo!

5 November 2023

Our poor lady slave hasn't been able to go anywhere this week due to the massive massive noises that she tells us is from Fireworks. We are just hiding in our kennels hoping it will pass but there was a local display last night that went on for absolutely hours - at least that's what it felt like. We all got a special treat when it had finished for being such amazing bulldogs. Prince Buster said he always knew he was an amazing Bulldog. Faith just sat there with a smug look on her face - nothing seems to worry that girl!

31 October 2023

What's a bulldog supposed to do to get some sleep around here. Constant knocking on the house door by millions of smelly children. With that and this persistent rain, I think we need to put in a complaint to management!