Verify a Volunteer

Are they wearing a green polo shirt or fleece with Bulldog Rescue & Rehoming embroidered on it?

Did you know they were coming?

Do they have an ID badge that looks like the one shown (older ID badges will not show QR code)

All our volunteers have a 5 digit pin number which you will have been sent by text prior to the visit

Check the person taking your dog is a genuine Bulldog Rescue Volunteer - Ask for their Pin Number

If the PIN continually shows invalid please call us on 0239 3872328 and select option 3

If you are handing over your dog or taking your new dog home our volunteer will ask you to sign a sign over form - please make sure you have signed before the volunteer leaves with your dog - you will receive a copy of the form by email immediately.

We will never homecheck you unless a dog has already been offered to you.

We have had several reports of people thinking they have been home checked by BDR when they haven't. We are concerned about this so please remember that all BDR volunteers are in a Green uniform with photographic ID. We will text you AHEAD of the visit to confirm who is coming and give you their PIN number so you know who you are letting into your house. Please always ask who they are, what their PIN number is and make sure they are in Green!

FOUND A BDR ID CARD? CALL US 0239 3872328 and select option 3