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Bulldog Rescues Bulldog Guide

The Bulldog Rescue's Bulldog Guide. A series of articles covering common bulldog problems and guides on how to live with certain conditions that might affect Bulldogs That have been rehomed. If you have any suggestions please tell us in the Suggestion Box below.

Opinions Expressed in each article are those of the Author and may not necessary be the same as those of the reader

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INFORMATION: The Bulldog Breed, Standard, Colour, History By the Bulldog Breed Council

When the Romans invaded Britain over two thousand years ago, they were faced with warlike tribes who owned large broad - mouthed short - faced dogs which they used effectively as war dogs.

Roman poets wrote ‘they were fiercer than the war dogs of Greece’, and some were brought from Greece and crossed with the British breeds. After the Roman conquest, these British dogs were distributed throughout the Roman empire to be bred for use in their ampitheatres.

Spain was the country where these dogs truly proliferated and the Conquistadores used these dogs (who remained huge and were basically black or black and tan) to murderous effect when conquering South America.