Dogs can be collected from Bulldog Rescue care by appointment only

Care must be taken during the entire visit that social distancing is adhered to at all times and the exchange should only occur in an outdoor space

All paperwork must be done digitally ahead of the appointment

Where possible volunteers should ensure they are wearing PPE including gloves and mask which should be disposed of immediatley after the dog has left their care

The dog's belongings should be bagged up ahead of the visit

The new family should then arrive at the location and open the boot of their car ready to receive the dog. They should then get back into the vehicle.
The volunteer will then put the dog either into a crate or secure into a safety belt/harness in the new families vehicle. Belongings will be already bagged up in a seperate bag.
The volunteer will then  close the crate and car door and step back.
We recommend that all parties use gloves an -; if you can - wash your hands as soon as you are able to do so.
We will also recommend that the new family give the dog a wipe down with fragrance free baby wipes or pet friendly wipes as soon as possible in order to minimise any virus that may be on her fur.