With effect from Monday 1st June 2020

In Accordance with revised Governmental and DEFRA guidelines bulldog rescue are now in a position to be able to offer the return of Home Checks. Homechecks MUST only be within certain circumstances and within the following instructions:

  1. Home checks can resume on the understanding that the individual Volunteer is happy to do so
  2. Volunteers currently self-isolating or shielding will not be expected to undertake a home check and instead the nearest available volunteer will be asked. In these cases, we appreciate that the home checking volunteer may not be the same as the dogs allocated volunteer
  3. All home check arrangements MUST be entered in the internal diary by the volunteer in question ahead of the visit in order for the volunteer in question to receive their letter of authority to travel and for the resident to receive their security text which will also include a link to these guidelines
  4. The volunteer will call ahead on the morning of the Home Check to ensure that no one in the family they are visiting has developed symptoms of Covid since the appointment was made
  5. Upon arrival at the home and before leaving their vehicle volunteers are required to sanitise their hands and put on clean gloves and a face mask. This PPE MUST be adorned for the entire visit
  6. A distance of two meters MUST be kept between the volunteer and the family at all times
  7. In the event the volunteer needs to use the loo you must ensure that thorough cleaning can be undertaken afterwards, however it is strongly advised that the volunteer does not use the toilet whilst home checking at someone’s home.
  8. If possible, ensure that any conversation between the volunteer and the resident is conducted outside either in the garden or driveway/pavement keeping apart by 2 meters at all times.
  9. Upon returning to the car the volunteer should then firstly remove theirvgloves by turning them inside out and ensuring both gloves are together. These must then be put into a separate bag for disposal. Then sanitise your hands again before removing the facemask preferably without touching the front part, this should also be put into the bag for disposal once home. The volunteer should thenn sanitise theirvhands again before completing the digital home check form on line.