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Use after a bout of serious diarrhoea or alongside treatment for Giardia

Protexin Pro-Kolin for Dogs & Cats is a highly palatable paste formulation. It contains Protexin, kaolin and pectin whose absorbent and soothing properties in the gut are well-known and mixtures of which have been used for many years in the treatment of vomiting and diarrhoea. In an attempt to reduce the use of antibiotics in mild gut upsets Protexin Pro-Kolin was devised and formulated by; Michael F Ponting BVSc MRCVS NDA MRAC The probiotic organisms contained in Protexin Pro-Kolin occur naturally in the gut of a dog or cat. These microorganisms colonise the gut or re-establish the disrupted gut, thus promoting the mechanism of competitive exclusion against potential pathogenic bacteria. This product contains Kaolin, a natural binding agent, and Pectin, which soothes the gut lining during digestive upsets such as diarrhoea. Pro-Kolin is currently used by over 80% of veterinary practices in the UK as the product of choice for the normalization of gut peristalsis. • Soothes the gut lining during diarrhoea and improves consistency of stools. Recommended use: Puppies and cats: 1-2 ml every 8 hours, for as long as considered necessary. Adult dogs: 2-5 ml every 8 hours, for as long as considered necessary.